Painting for me means engaging in uncertainty. It displaces thinking and lets the senses take the lead.

Uncertainty creates a solid basis for my creative power; the basis of an evolution, which I also keep losing sight of. Despite all our technical achievements, we can see neither ourselves nor the world ahead with certainty.


of the artist_

Colours exploring the unknown

Today I know: For me, solid ground in the artistic reality is built on uncertainty and remains a mystery. Amazement becomes possible. Chance and inspiration gain space and power.

Current catalogue

Since 2018 I have been documenting my work in catalogues and flyers. The current catalogue can be viewed here as a PDF. You are welcome to request it from me as a print product. Groups of works or the realisation of concepts such as "The Three Women", three archaic images of women in our cultural circle, are also accompanied by text and images and are available on request.

Schwarzbilder 2 ((Katalog in Google Drive als PDF))


My Showroom

For me, my showroom in Mommsenstra├če is a place of encounter and art, my salon. Here you will find the large formats visibly displayed on the walls, and of course some of the small cut- outs.

In the studio

Both large and small works are created in my studio. The large works I develop on the painting wall, the small works often result from cutting out and cutting to size. Paper, also wrapping or stone paper and white as well as black canvas serve as support material.