What I can do

executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer


I have worked as a manager and leader, have studied leadership and human nature scientifically and have been working as an executive coach since 1998.

I have invested the valuable experience gained in these areas in the development of my Leadership Academy.

As a painter, I am passionately active in the art market.

Executive Coach_

Accompanying personal development, integrating strategy and corporate culture

I create high-quality development spaces in the environment of power and responsibility in business and in the field of research and development. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, consultants and scientists on the topics of leadership, personality, integrity and change.


Writing as an intense struggle

In my books, the focus is on the individual. I explore how hierarchy-free leadership is possible (namely post-heroic) and why callousness can be, at the very least, stupidity. I am

interested in why many of us are so risk-averse or why women still allow themselves to be paid less despite many years of emancipation.

Writing a book is an adventure for me, exciting, challenging and enlightening. My own understanding helps me, with all the clarity and radical thinking I can muster, to offer others a painless growth in their own understanding.


Surprising impulses, unusual perspectives and insights

For leadership 2030 we can learn from poker players that with risk intelligence we can escape the "chicken" society, and with the power of laziness avoid the treadmill.

I encourage my audiences to open up to new perspectives, to let themselves be touched and shaken by my experiences, to attain their own insights. In my talks I strengthen the self- awareness of my audience and their confidence in their own resources.

I give keynote addresses, lectures for conference and in-house events, in Lunch&Learn formats, breakout sessions, as well as smaller groups by the fireplace, at dinner, or offsite. Lecture languages are German and English.


Colours exploring the unknown

For me, painting means engaging in uncertainty. It displaces thinking and lets the senses take the lead.

Uncertainty creates a solid basis for my creative power; the basis of an evolution, which I also keep losing sight of. Despite all our technical achievements, we can see neither ourselves nor the world ahead with certainty.

Solid ground in the artistic reality is built on uncertainty and remains mysterious. Astonishment becomes possible. A wonderful gift!

Leadership Academy_

Acquire self and relationship competence in online self-study.

Reflection beats analysis. This is the basis of the Leadership Academy, in which you can enjoy all the advantages of self-study with a total of more than 70 videos and learning units. Each learning unit of approx. 20 minutes requires your own reflection on the content and its application to your own leadership/life situation.

In addition to the self-study, you can book coaching units, for example, to ask questions on a monthly basis and to anchor your new experiential knowledge.