What I stand for

executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer
executive coach brigitte witzer

is shaped
by the
experience of_

the talk_


Understanding without feeling is life-threatening. In a company, this manifests as strategy development without the integration of culture.

"Walk the talk" as an attitude reduces arbitrariness and strengthens holistic human and corporate leadership.

I live what I talk about.

instead of
a recipe_


Life is dynamic and uncertain.

Static recipes need predictability, while flexible processes are more appropriate to a human- centred life.

Digitalisation and algorithms are fixated on numbers; the mistaken belief that quantity leads to security, well-being and at some point, therefore, to quality, is widespread.

I am certain that belief in numbers and fixed sequences of steps are inferior tocreative process design that can respond to intuition and the unpredictable.



What adult wants to be lectured? Nevertheless, learning is an important developmental drive that one can only follow for oneself

For my work as an executive coach, this means moderating the space and guard rails needed for development in the context of professional competence and experiential knowledge.

My work as a painter paves my own path of development in an equally radically autonomous way.

for self-


Reflection needs questions, whereas analysis needs facts.

While analysis is oriented towards numbers and data, and enriches knowledge, reflection calls for perceiving, appreciating and classifying one's own inner processes accordingly.

With this self-competence and presence, flexible processes lead to greater mindfulness, more options for action and a developed personality.



Presence and personality as the basis of relationship can supersede old concepts of power and rank.

Relationships with people constantly dynamise our everyday life. Mostly there is a lack of communication and ability to integrate mind and feeling. Conflicts that have been suppressed for a long time can turn everyday life into a ride on a razor edge.

I live and enjoy diversity in my field of work. In doing so, I rely on intuition and a willingness, with both reason and feeling, to accept uncertainty.