Leadership Academy

Selbst- und Beziehungskompetenz
erwerben im Online-Selbststudium


Develop self-awareness and relationship competence through online self-study.There are many opportunities, programs, methods and offers to do something for the further development of one's own personality or to acquire appropriate behavioral strategies for professional and private challenges into one's personal life. As a rule, two paths can be taken and correspondingly different paths set.

The highway

You focus on symptoms – for example, difficulties in organising yourself or in dealing with different people – and systematically process them according to recipes that are offered in a variety of ways. So you try to change your behavior in a planned and rational way. As a result, the effects of success can often be achieved quickly.
But what about the complexity of the framework conditions, sustainability and a differentiated approach? This is exactly why I developed the Leadership Academy – with the motivation to give you easier access to the joy of work and the ability to create the necessary changes.
The following short test can show you whether you will be in good hands with my offer and be successful:
Are you prepared to take responsibility? Does trust play a relevant role in your way of leading? Are you able you listen? Do you know anything about empathy? Does insecurity scare you?
If you have answered yes to three of these five questions, then I encourage you to leave the supposed highway and embark on the journey of discovery of the Leadership Academy!


The voyage of
research and development_

These ways don't focus on symptoms, they focus on yourself. You identify the causes of certain problems and get to the bottom of them so that you develop and implement your own solutions. You are not governed by a plan: you are governed by yourself. This may take a little longer. But also lead further. At your own pace, you get to know the person you've to deal with all your life: yourself.

Which path is right for you? That's up to you and it's a personal decision. Through the Leadership Academy, I accompany you on the voyage of discovery. I love not only going on, but also moving forward.





The journey begins with your knowledge of yourself and your very personal way of self-management – this is exactly the starting point of the Academy. Only those who know themselves can successfully lead others and further a business. On this qualitative basis, tailored to you personally, the triad of Leading self – Leading others – Leading business can be effectively implemented. This is the guiding principle of the Leadership Academy that I designed and implemented.

The videos are available in German language only.

Leading self_

Self-confidence is the foundation of a differentiated, successful personality – a self-confidence that has substance and can mature and grow with age. The better you know yourself, the more you can trust yourself and others. Right from the start, you rely on your very personal resources and potentials, and even more: on your reality.

Get rid of the energy required to comply with a supposed norm and choose something completely different: to be yourself and to live your existing leadership strengths. The new can only unfold if you live in reality. Leave the focus on mistakes and the deficit system you have known since your school days! You are right the way you are. You walk paths and make decisions that belong to you, suit you the way you are.


Leading others_

In course 1 at the Leadership Academy, you develop your understanding of the most important relationship: the relationship with yourself. Leading others is about leading other people and thus building external relationships and social competence. How do you create spaces for encounters and exchanges? You will learn methods with which you can successfully build, classify and live relationships.

This includes the basics of conducting conversations, dealing with conflicts and your personal behavioural strategies. How do you set and achieve your goals? Develop your individual set of methods, with which you can lead in a coherent, sustainable and future-proof manner.


Leading business_
instead of quantity

The first years as a manager are behind you – you have mastered the basic repertoire. How do you stay inspired and alive? Ignite the next turbo to shape your business with cross-cutting themes and deeper questions.

Focus is now on focusing on quality instead of quantity in the core business areas. Develop your personal KPIs or drive necessary social innovations! With your developed skills for thinking and acting according to your own potentials and resources, you have the optimal prerequisites for success, which makes your life stimulating and vital!


The courses
as videos

The video course as a lecture

If you have at least 20 minutes per week to watch a video, if you find it easy to concentrate and learn, are a visual type and benefit from the mix of powerpoints, handouts and drawings, then

  > Test the introduction to Video Course 1!

You will experience 15-20 episodes of approx. 20 minutes each, that is 300-400 minutes of competence building!



Who sits in the driver's seat: your feelings and old patterns, i.e. the "buttons" that others activate in you - or you yourself? Strengthen your self-competence!


Course 2


Expand your communicative repertoire: goal-oriented conversations, dealing with conflicts in a professional manner, achieving goals with the team - without relationship skills, none of this is possible!

Course 3


Who inspires you? How do you preserve your balance? Here you will find initial footholds for innovation, transformation and a new personal satisfaction.

Right from
the start

Be effective in your daily management routine: You see and recognise your own potential, activate and use it right from the start. This seems to slow down the pace at first, but it also allows you to work immediately with your own options, instead of following someone else's recipes. Whichever issue arises, you include your environment and use smart solutions that are neither banal nor torpedo your own wisdom.

You have the option of booking regular coaching sessions for the program – with me, a holistic professional.


Risks and
side effects...

You have to reckon with the following concomitant side effects: In the study process you might get to know yourself and others in a new way, reflected, without blame, in clarity. Through all three courses, your method case fills up with your experiential knowledge, in recursive, self-checking leaps. Instead of imitating and learning by trial and error, stay close to your own process, in your everyday leadership - even if it means leading yourself first and foremost. Find your inner authority and trace the growth of your personality.