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I create high-quality development spaces in the environment of power and responsibility in business as well as in the field of research and development. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, consultants and scientists on the topics of leadership, personality, integrity and change.


Leadership proves its worth in all dynamic situations where people are involved, especially in the case of internal and external changes and in breaking up old structures.

Young leaders learn about their resources by building up their own potential. In this way, appropriate cooperative methods can be developed in the work process.

Experienced leaders reflect, review and renew their own insights and experience through coaching. Taking responsibility for the necessary changes in companies lies in change management and in accompanying far-reaching transformation processes.


The transition into a new role is always a significant step and is decisively facilitated by coaching support. The blind spots of one's own expectations inevitably lead to self-limitation and need communicative opening into the new context.

Typically, coaching should start 4-6 weeks before the start of the new role. The process then focuses on your personal priorities. The focus is on change management, power, politics and influence as well as alignment of your personal strategy. The future can only be shaped with an entrepreneurial vision!


Change management is considered the decisive process for innovations in business and industry. Drivers of change are IT technologies, changes in the labour market, in society, and in political framework conditions - we are dealing with economic and ecological crises. In the

company, the most important thing is to carry the employees along with us in the necessary, often far-reaching changes.

This is an enormous challenge for all those who bear leadership responsibility and therefore affects the entire management. Strategic goals cannot be achieved without cultural integration.


Today, power as pressure, hierarchy or ignorance manifests itself more constructively in personal presence. Accordingly, power is leadership instead of "command and control" and requires indispensable social competence and expressiveness.

As far as presence and communication nowadays - no recipes or tools can help. In difficult situations, not only professional and communicative qualifications are required, but also the integration of these qualities with the necessary reflection.

One's own strengths and personal experience can prove helpful. In this way, even senior direct reports and managers can be carried along confidently.

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